Richard Branson has given a date on when he will make space travel

Richard Branson has given a date for when he will embark on space travel. The date has come for Richard Branson space travel!

British billionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin companies, will enter the thermosphere, the outer layer of the atmosphere, on or shortly after 11 July.

Richard Branson will be one of the passengers on the Unity spacecraft, which US space tourism company Virgin Galactic has been working on for nearly 20 years. The Unity spacecraft rises 90km from the ground, offering passengers the chance to enjoy the view of Earth freed from the weight of gravity.

Richard branson has given a date on when he will make space travel 1 gmspors

Richard Branson’s goal is to provide commercial space travel service.

US space tourism company Virgin Galactic TICKET PRICES FIND 250 THOUSAND DOLLARS

Nearly 600 people have already made their deposits to join this journey. Being able to witness the British billionaire’s experience in a spacecraft means a lot of money for customers.

The full price of tickets can reach $250,000. Richard Branson says he wholeheartedly believes that space “belongs to all of us.”

“After 17 years of research, engineering and innovation, a new commercial space industry is ready to open the Universe to humankind and transform the world into a better place,” Branson said in a previous statement.

Branson took the most important step for Virgin Galactic’s success, receiving its commercial spaceflight license from the Federal Aviation Administration last week.

On Sunday, July 11, there will be an opening day called the flight “window”.

The Galactic team has set this date, but there is a possibility that it will be delayed due to weather conditions or technical reasons.

Richard Branson vs Jeff Bezos

Richard branson has given a date on when he will make space travel 2 gmspors

If plans don’t change, Richard Branson will put Sunday ahead of another world-famous billionaire, space tourism rival Jeff Bezos.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has invested a fortune in the space rocket-building hobby, and announced on July 20 that space company Blue Origin will launch its first manned flight into space.

Bezos invited three people to travel with him aboard Blue Origin’s spacecraft New Shepard: his brother Mark; a mysterious person who agrees to pay $28 million for the trip; and finally the female pilot Wally Funk.

Pilot Wally Funk, 82, who was trained to be an astronaut in the 1960s, will go down in history as the world’s oldest person to go into space when his flight into space with Bezos is completed.

Bezos is also expected to reveal details on how New Shephard tickets will go on sale.

On the other hand, it is clear that Richard Branson’s space travel date was brought forward after Bezos announced that he had chosen July 20 for his space mission.

In the initial plan for Unity’s next trip, four Virgin Galactic employees were urging tourists to take test flights before their trip began.

At the next stage, Richard Branson would also be involved in the journey.

But plans have changed, and now Branson will be one of four people participating in the testing journey. Beth Moses, Galactic’s chief astronaut instructor, and other senior staff at the company, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandla, will accompany him.

The pilots were determined as Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci.

During the 2000s, seven wealthy people were able to travel to the International Space Station (ISS) by paying large sums of money. However, after the withdrawal of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), which led this adventurous trend, from the ISS, commercial space flights stopped in 2009.

Today, new initiatives are emerging that raise the bar beyond the sub-orbital flights of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk, the US entrepreneur and the second richest person in the world, has already started preparations for several private space missions with the Dragon capsule.

These capsules can reach hundreds of kilometers from Earth and stay there for several days.

On the other hand, years after their withdrawal from the ISS, the Russians are also preparing to restart commercial journeys to the station. Some companies, such as Axiom, founded by the former NASA ISS program manager, have taken the business to the next level and have even targeted private space stations for visitors.

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