Republicans Dismiss Liz Cheney From Leadership

Republicans in the House of Representatives expelled Liz Cheney, the party’s number three, from the leadership of the party’s central decision-making committee, who at every opportunity criticized former President Donald Trump’s allegations of fraud in the November 3 elections.

Cheney managed to hold the number three position in his party with 61 to 145 in a vote held in February, but did not achieve the same success in today’s vote.

Cheney told reporters after the vote that he will continue to work to prevent former president Donald Trump from coming back to office.

Wyoming Representative Cheney, the daughter of former Republican vice president Dick Cheney, was the highest ranking Republican female member of the Congress.

The dismissal of Liz Cheney from the leadership of the party central decision committee is also considered as an indication that challenging Trump could be a situation that threatens the careers of Republican Party members.

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For four minutes, Cheney made a speech to the Republicans in the House of Representatives to the almost empty hall on Tuesday evening, accusing those who criticized him in the party and defending his stance.

“Keeping silent and ignoring lies encourages the liar,” said Liz Cheney, saying, “While someone is leaving the rule of law and participating in the former president’s crusade against democracy, I will not sit back and watch them silently,” said Liz Cheney.

After Cheney’s dismissal, it is expected to be replaced by New York Representative Elise Stefanik, who entered the House of Representatives in 2015 at the age of 30. Stefanik may be the youngest woman to be elected to Congress. Stefanik, whose general attitude is known to be more moderate than Cheney, has recently become one of Trump’s advocates and repeatedly repeated the former president’s allegations of electoral corruption.

The participation of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and number two leader Steve Scalise to join Trump and the rest of the party on allegations of electoral corruption prompted comments that Cheney’s days in leadership are numbered.

Critics of Cheney insisted that they expressed these before the public rather than their views on Trump, underlining that they reacted to the party leaders’ distortion of the unity image within the party they were trying to establish before next year’s midterm elections. The Republican Party hopes to regain control of the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections.

According to many Republicans, including Senator Lindsey Graham, disregard of former President Trump due to the high rates of voter loyalty to Trump could lead to a new election defeat.

A small number of politicians within the Republican Party had declared that they were against Cheney’s expulsion.

The Republican Party’s 2012 presidential candidate and Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who often disagreed with Trump, said that Cheney’s expulsion would do nothing but exclude some people from the party.

Many Republicans said Cheney did not do much to seek support, knowing that the opposition to him within the party was strong.

Cheney noted that he would stay in Congress and strive for re-election next year, while former president Trump noted that he would find a name to rival Cheney.

Cheney was known as a traditional conservative when he entered Congress in 2017; It supported tax cuts, its development in the energy sector, and the assertive use of US power abroad. By November 2018, he had been elected to the current leadership position without facing opposition. It was thought that this road could pave the way for senatorship or even presidency in front of Cheney.

Who is Stefanik?

Cheney often disagreed with Trump on issues such as withdrawal from Syria and a pandemic. But the real shock in his career began in January, when he was among the 10 Republicans who supported Trump’s second dismissal. Trump was acquitted in the Senate trial on charges of encouraging the January 6 Congressional attack.

In the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, Cheney said, ‘‘ The American President invited this gang, brought them together and ignited the fuse of this attack. “The events that followed were all because of Trump,” he said.

Stefanik, who could replace Cheney, is a Harvard graduate who worked with former president George W. Bush at the White House and the party’s 2012 presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s campaign.

The people of the region, represented by Stefanik in Congress, voted for Trump twice after they voted for Barack Obama twice in the last four presidential elections. Criticizing Trump’s 2017 tax cut and billions of dollars spent on the border wall project, Stefanik became one of Trump’s fervent advocates on the way to the impeachment process in the Senate in 2019.