Reproachful words from Vanessa Huppenkothen to Robert Lewandowski

Stunning model and ESPN presenter Vanessa Huppenkothen blasted ‘ungrateful’ Robert Lewandowski for forcing a move from Bayern Munich to Barcelona this summer.

“ungrateful” Robert Lewandowski angered the TV beauty with a move from Bayern to Barcelona.

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Robert Lewandowski’s transition to Catalan monsters Barcelona from Bayern Munich has left a sharp desire for the mouth of model and TV moderator Vanessa Huppenkothen.

The Polish striker constrained a travel through to Barca subsequent to making it clear he needed to leave Bavaria. What’s more, the move at long last went through over the course of the end of the week, with Lewandowski being authoritatively revealed as Barca’s new hired gunman.

And keeping in mind that a great deal of Bayern fans have hit out at Lewandowski’s lead, Huppenkothen sent off a getting attack on Twitter. The model smoldered: “Bayern gave everything for him… here and there we are extremely dissatisfied. No one is fundamental! No one, if you need to go, go!”

Huppenkothen is the girl of previous German footballer Didier Huppenkothen, yet she was brought into the world in Mexico City with her Mexican mum.

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She skipped among Germany and Mexico growing up, prior to getting comfortable the North American country – where she began a vocation as a model. Be that as it may, Huppenkothen couldn’t avoid football, and she before long started function as a games columnist and found some work at ESPN in 2016.

Lewandowski burned through eight years at Bayern, tracking down the net multiple times in 375 games for the German side.

In any case, the Pole’s profession might have been altogether different when he had consented to join Blackburn Rovers in 2010. However, the ejection of the Icelandic well of lava Eyjafjallajokull implied his flight couldn’t land in that frame of mind, because of a goliath debris cloud.

All things being equal, Borussia Dortmund dipped in, and the rest is history.

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