Reflected in photos, Francia James was fired naked

They trashed the social media phenomenon! When she went completely naked, things got messy and security intervened directly. Francia James, who has 1.6 million followers on social media, managed to attract attention with her sharing. James, who was displaying his body paint design in a shopping mall, was dragged out by security guards.

Francia James, in addition to attracting attention with her sharing, was ridiculed by some of her followers.

Francia James, who managed to become popular in a short time with her performances in public places, went viral on social media with her show at the mall. James, who came to the mall in a topcoat, then took it out. The woman, who created a tin soldier costume with body paint, began to wander around the mall, ignoring the astonished looks of the people around.

A Playboy model filmed the moment she was kicked out of the mall after undressing and painting her body to look like a Nutcracker, as part of a wacky holiday-themed show.

Stating that he was protesting to draw attention to poverty, James approached the shopping center visitors and said, “Do you want hazelnuts?” said. He asked. When approached, the phenomenon, which was understood to be unclothed and completely covered with body paint, was removed from the shopping center with the intervention of security guards.

Explaining that she was taken out of the mall by security guards, James said, “I can’t believe I was fired. That’s how these shows always end.” said.

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