Rebeca Andrade and Rio firefighter’s affair revealed

Olympic champion Rebeca Andrade is in a relationship with Rio firefighter Matheus Terra. According to the information provided by the Extra newspaper, the two were spotted having fun together on the beach in Barra da Tijuca last weekend. Matheus has more than 110,000 followers on Instagram. On her social network profile, she shows photos of her work as a firefighter and shows that she is a model in her spare time.

The newest achievement of Olympic medalist Rebeca Andrade in Tokyo is called Matheus Terra. The two were photographed close together in Praia da Barra last weekend, but the identity of the gymnast’s new relationship has yet to be revealed.

Matheus is from Rio de Janeiro, captain of the Rio Fire Department, and is 29 years old. On his Instagram profile, which has a little over 100,000 followers, the handsome man shares many photos of himself showcasing his mature body and beautiful green eyes. She has done some work as a model and has famous friends like both Flamengo goalkeeper Hugo Souza and actor Pedro Guilmerme and digital influencer and DJ Any Borges.

Rebeca andrade and rio firefighters affair revealed 1 gmspors

Gold and silver medalists Rebeca Andrade and Matheus Terra were introduced by mutual friends and, as they say, know each other better.

Matheus Terra hides his relationship with Rebecca on social media.

Matheus Terra has not yet shared about his girlfriend. Also, Matheus Terra has more than 112 thousanddefn followers on Instagram.

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