Are Nostradamus’ true predictions telling the truth?

On the anniversary of his death, we have compiled the prophecies of Nostradamus for you. Many prophecies that he expressed after the famous Seer Death started to come true. So what are the prophecies that have come true so far?

2. Henry’s death as a result of an accident while fighting on a horse

Which king died falling from horse?William III of England was the King of England, Scotland and Ireland from February 13, 1689 – March 8, 1702. He died from pneumonia on March 8, 1702, a condition which was enhanced by a broken collarbone that the King endured after falling from his horse.

“The young lion will prevail over the old

And in a single battle on the battlefield

It will take your eyes out of a golden cage

The two wounds will be one and he will taste a cruel death. ”

Henry takes on a horse-fighting tournament with Comtede Montgomery, ignoring Nostradamus’s warnings. Both sides use shields with lion engravings. Montgomery is 6 years younger than Henry.
Towards the end of the fight, Montgomery is late in lowering her spear. The two pieces of the spear that broke at the end of the coup stumbled through Henry’s gold-plated helmet visor and stuck to his head. One of them stuck in his eye, the other in his temple, both of them sink into the brain. When Henry, who had been suffering for 10 days, died, Nostradamus’s “cruel death” prophecy also took place.

2) Greater London Fire

“The blood of justice will be asked from London

When it burns in 66 “(2:51)

The London fire, which started on September 2, 1666, destroyed most of the city in 5 days. Although justice wanted blood, only 6 people died in this great fire. Some commentators have said that the term “blood of justice” is a translation error, interpreting it as “asking for blood for justice” and “finding that Black Death now deserves”. In the London Fire, millions of mice with this disease died and the city was cleaned in this regard.

3) French Revolution

Although Nostradamus has many quadruplets about the French Revolution, the following are the most obvious predictions:

“Enslaved people will sing, make demands

Princes and lords will be trapped in dungeons

These are also by headless fools

He will be referred as the divine word in the future ”

“Before the war begins, the great wall will fall,

The king will be killed, people will mourn because his death has come so fast

Guards will swim in blood

The soil near the Seine will be covered with blood ”

On June 14, 1789, people attacked the Bastille prison, one of the symbols of the then monarchy. This is the beginning of both the revolution that shocked the whole of Europe and the guillotine set up on the banks of the Seine.

4) World War 2 and Hitler

Nostradamus found it appropriate to use the name Hister instead of directly calling Hitler. Hister is also the Latin name of the Danube River, where Hitler was born on the shores and spent his childhood. There is consensus that the following quartets are related to World War II and Hitler:

“Somewhere deep in Western Europe

Poor people will have a child

With their speeches, they will distract millions

And it will be liked in the Empire of the East. ”

It is believed that this quartet expresses Hitler’s childhood, charismatic and expressive personality, and finally Germany’s alliance with Japan.

“Hungry monsters will cross rivers

Most of those on the battlefield will challenge Hister

As the big iron drifts into a cage

Germany’s child will not see anything. “(2:24)

This quartet is thought to mean that Hitler crossed the rivers and took over various regions, but eventually defeated the Allies.

5) Franco’s Exile

“Franco will leave Castille and leave the troop

Ambassador will reject requests and create separation

Rivera’s people will be in conflict

And it will prevent entrance to the bay. “(9:16)

This verse points to the Spanish dictator Franco and Rivera who established the dictatorship regime before him. In 1936, the left-leaning republican government deported Franco to the Canary Islands (and blocked entry to the gulf). Franco returned to Spain after the nationalist government coup and set up a military junta.

6) Charles de Gaulle

“Hercules king of Rome and Annemark

De Gaulle, named three times, will guide

Ialya and St. Will make some of Mark tremble

Everyone will be the first ruler on him. “(9:33)

Charles de Gaulle became the leader of the Free French Forces first, and then the first president of the interim government established after World War II and the 5th French Republic following it (three-time de Gaulle).

7) Kennedy assassination

At the end of an old job,

The big guy will be devastated by what comes from the roof

They will blame an innocent who is already dead.

The real culprit will be hidden in misty bushes. ”

It is interpreted that the “old work” here is the work of the “Jews” cursing Joseph Kennedy, who helped the Nazis in World War II. Others interpret it as the betrayal of John F. Kennedy, as in the case of Caesar and Gross.

Another interpretation is that the Freemasons were the finger of the assassination. However, it was seen as a slander rather than a fact that the Freemasons, who were campaigning against them at that time, were involved in this business.

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