Reality star Ella Rae Wise suffers nightmare after ‘cheap’ breast plastic surgery

Reality star Ella Rae Wise regrets after getting ‘cheap’ breast surgery. Ella says her breasts are not the same as before.

Reality star Ella Rae Wise, who soon became famous after appearing on the TOWIE television show, had a nightmare after her breast augmentation plastic surgery. Expressing that she lost the feeling in her breasts after the surgery, Wise said that this may affect her attitude towards breastfeeding and if the feeling in her breasts does not return, she may turn to bottle feeding.

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Reality star Ella Rise Wise, 22, went under the knife to enlarge her breasts after she said on Instagram she would go for a consultation to boost her followers’ confidence. Wise, who said that she paid half the price of the market for the procedure that enlarges the breast sizes and raises the appearance of her breasts, admitted that she lost sensation in her breasts after the aesthetic procedure.

Expressing that it is not important for her to feel numb after the breast augmentation procedure, Wise said, “It is quite normal to experience some loss of sensation. But we expect him to come back in a year. Honestly, I don’t really care if I don’t have any feeling in my breasts. Because I don’t feel sick.” said.

Expressing that the numbness in her breasts may cause a problem if she has a child in the following years, Wise said, “I may be a little sad because I can’t feel a connection with my baby. I hope he comes back by then and if he doesn’t, I won’t breastfeed. I’ll just bottle feed him.”

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