Rasmus Ankersen becomes a shareholder of a Turkish club

The Danish businessman, who will take over Goztepe, rolled up his sleeves for the championship. Ankersen, one of the partners of British Southampton, will bring Mateusz Lis, who left Altay, to Goztepe. The sportsman, who also stopped the sale of existing stars, will have a say in football in 2-3 weeks.

While Goztepe, returning from Spor Toto Super Lig to the 1st League, was waiting for its new shareholder, Rasmus Ankersen, the Danish businessman’s ‘Super’ plan emerged.

Sport Republic, which is the partner of Mehmet Sepil, who has been the head of Goztepe for 8 years, and Ankersen, who shook hands to buy 70 percent of the club’s shares, is also a shareholder of the English Premier League team Southampton. The 39-year-old businessman, who plans to return goztepe to the Super League in its first year, will make his first transfer move with the Polish glove Mateusz Lis.


First Foreign Investor in Turkish Football

The 39-year-old businessman, who was appointed as a team manager in Midtjylland in Denmark and brought the team to international success, made the club a champion and took it to the European arena. Ankersen, who turned the route to England, first took charge in Brendford. Ankersen, who managed Brendford for nearly 6 years, promoted the club to the Premier League for the first time in its 74-year history.

Ankersen, who was one of the founding partners of a sports fund called Sport Republic in the UK in 2021, became the owner of Southampton in 2021. Football life ended after Ankersen, who also has a football background, suffered a serious injury in his first match with Midtjylland at the age of 18. However, Ankersen, who did not break away from football, took on the task of coaching in Midtjylland and developed infrastructure projects. Rasmus Ankersen, who is known as the man who created the legend of Midtjylland in Denmark, made his name known to the world with his investments in football despite his young age.

If Rasmus Ankersen officially takes over Mehmet Sepil’s shares in Göztepe Sportif AŞ, it will be the first foreign investment in Turkish sports. While many clubs in Europe are managed by investors from the USA, China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, Göztepe, the 97-year-old representative of İzmir, founded in 1925, will be the first club to receive foreign investment in Turkish football. Mehmet Sepil confirmed in his press statement that he had met with Ankersen before, and announced that the point was turning to domestic investors as the club relegated and decreased revenues.

While the successful netkeeper who left Altay shakes hands with Rasmus Ankersen’s club Southampton, the Danish sportsman will bring the Polish glove to Göztepe on loan. While the transfer process is expected to take 2-3 weeks, all decisions regarding the football team during the transition period will be made by Danish Rasmus Ankersen and his team. In this process, a new coach will be determined and the transfer will be directed. Ankersen also stopped selling the stars within the team. Meanwhile, Ankersen, especially captain Halil Akbunar, Atınç Nukan and Dino Arslanagic decided to meet privately, while it was learned that he plans to keep these stars in the team.

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