Rapper Kanye West, running for US presidency, reveals new intent

The rapper Kanye West, running for the US presidency, set his sights on the 2024 elections. Black rapper Kanye West will run for president in the US election in 2024. It is expected to be mentioned frequently with new projects, especially in the following years.

Kanye West sets his sights on 2024 elections

While the results of the US presidential election were evident in some states, rapper Kanye West, one of the most sensational candidates, admitted that he lost the election. Having received 57,000 votes so far, West set its sights on the 2024 election.

The famous 43-year-old rapper Kanye West, who competed in the US presidential elections on November 3, 2020, has received approximately 57,000 votes so far. The state with the highest vote for Kanye West was Tennessee. Kanye West received more than 10 thousand votes in the state in question. It has been learned that West is already focusing on the 2024 elections.


The famous singer passed the Constitutional Party, Green Party, Socialism and Freedom Party in the state. However, the Freedom Party’s Jo Jorgensen got ahead of West with 19,000 votes.


Explaining that he wanted to sit in the White House seat before, West said in a statement on his social media account, “We must realize the great America promise by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future.”


The first supporter of Kanye West was Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk said in a statement that he supported the presidential candidate West. Crazy millionaire Elon Musk already wishes success for Kanye. Especially in the 2024 elections, Facebook ads should be more effective.

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