Rachael Ostovich boosts net worth with Onlyfans

UFC Fighter Rachael Ostovich continues to produce content for the Onlyfans platform, which she joined during the coronovirus time.

Rachael Ostovich works with FineTime, another platform similar to Onlyfans with the same functionality, she is one of the most popular female UFC Fighters in recent years.

Rachael ostovich boosts net worth with onlyfans 1 gmspors

Rachael Ostovich had responded to ‘weirds’ who told OnlyFans to make money after the launch of the UFC.

Later, Rachael Ostovich realized that she would make thousands of dollars from similar platforms like Onlyfans.

She’s now frequently selling her private photos to her fans.

Rachael ostovich boosts net worth with onlyfans 2 gmspors

Focusing on she was not against others going along with it, she tweeted: “Assuming you on your OnlyFans game bringing in that cash … GET IT Young lady.

“However, all you fruitcakes saying ‘OF’ next for me.. appreciate that is my no one but choice can kiss my butt.”

A few UFC warriors have tracked down wealth from OnlyFans.

In any case, aside from proposing it was not for her, Ostovich additionally demanded she has a lot of different courses to monetary achievement.

The flyweight grappler as of late set up her own make-up organization and has delivered a schedule through her site.

She posted: “You all asking for just fans however my schedule been dropped. Thank you all who supporting the reason! Gets yours today.”

However, her UFC profession was battered into accommodation, basically until further notice, when she experienced a fierce three-round KO against Gina Mazany in her rebound at UFC Vegas 15 last month.

A flood of punches got Ostovich’s third misfortune a line, albeit the unequivocal blow was a furious liver kick.

Rachael ostovich boosts net worth with onlyfans 3 gmspors

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