Quick Facts and Hot Photos from Viki Odintcova

Among the most famous models on Instagram is Viki Odintcova. The shares of Viki Odintcova, which reached millions of fans after the news between her and Cristiano Ronaldo, still increases her fan base. We gathered information about Viki, who is a professional model and worked with Mavrin for a while.

Viktoria “Viki” Odintcova is a Russian model, Instagram star, and virtual entertainment character. She has gathered acclaim for her scandalous and tempting pictures, frequently seeming semi-naked. Since she was a youngster, obviously her future was in the style business. It was one of her siblings who took her to a displaying organization in Saint Petersburg.

Odintcova started to acquire noticeable quality after she became dynamic via virtual entertainment, particularly Instagram, on which she has a large number of adherents. She has additionally gathered critical following on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In June 2015, she was highlighted on the front of ‘Playboy‘ magazine.

Broadly viewed as one of the main Russian models of today, Odintcova is very much aware of the way that she needs to continually push the envelope to keep herself important in the design business. In December 2016, she got analysis for a hazardous photograph shoot on top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Viki Odintcova Biography

Subsequent to moving on from secondary school, Odintcova enlisted at a college to concentrate on advertising. During this period, displaying was a side interest for her. She frequently participated in photograph shoots and design shows as she viewed them as engaging. Around three years after the fact, she got to know picture taker Alexander Mavrin and endorsed with his office MAVRIN Models in 2014. It was him who made the idea that Odintcova ought to go through a few restorative medical procedures. She accordingly had bosom and lip expansions.

The most seasoned picture on her Instagram was gone for the business crusade for MCT Watches and posted on August 29, 2014. In the beginning of her demonstrating vocation, she was dominatingly highlighted in generally more modest special missions.

That changed when she showed up on the front of ‘Playboy’ magazine in June 2015. She has since demonstrated for different apparel lines, swimwear brands, and magnificence items and graced the pages of prestigious magazines like ‘Adage’ and ‘Sports Illustrated.’ These days, every one of her Instagram posts gets countless preferences.

Likes to be on the agenda

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In December 2016, Odintcova, joined by three others, moved to the highest point of the Cayan Tower in Dubai for a photograph shoot without securing consent and wellbeing gear. Just holding the hand of one of her buddies, she inclined out over the edge of the second tallest structure on the planet, while her different colleagues made pictures and effort recordings.

At the point when she shared them on her Instagram page, the response was blended. While a portion of her fans applauded her for her grit, others condemned her for pointlessly endangering her own life. At the point when the Dubai police were advised of it, they addressed Odintcova and constrained her to sign an articulation promising to at absolutely no point ever do it in the future.

Hides Her Family and Life

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Viki Odintcova was brought into the world on November 15, 1994, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Nonetheless, a few sources guarantee that she is initially from the modern town of Solikamsk in the Urals, and her family later moved to Saint Petersburg.

One way or another, she experienced childhood in the previous royal capital alongside her two more seasoned siblings. In any event, when she was a youngster, individuals around her accepted that she was bound to be a model. Whenever she was 17 years of age, one of her siblings went with her to a displaying office.

Her family is exceptionally strong of her expert decisions. Her dad Sergey is known for sharing on her web-based entertainment accounts the photos from her demonstrating work, including her ‘Playboy‘ cover.

Odintcova met Russian rapper and artist lyricist Egor Kreed while recording the music video for her tune ‘I Like’. They began dating not long later. Right away, the youthful couple endeavored to keep the relationship hidden. Notwithstanding, she was at last spotted at Kreed’s birthday celebration by her companions, who got some information about her. Subsequent to acquainting her with her companions, she embraced and kissed her, remiss of various cameras around them. Several has since headed out in different directions.

Odintcova has likewise been sincerely connected to FI driver Fernando Alonso, business person Pavel Durov, and entertainer Timur Batrutdinov.

Viki Odintcova is a model in a bikini

Viki Odintcova sets Instagram on fire with a series of brilliant shots that will make your head spin on the couch.

Once again it is! Viki Odintcova is again on the path of the strongest emotions of her Instagram followers.

The Russian-born model once again captivated everyone with her extraordinary beauty. Perfect in every way, it looks like a real statue physically, and images from the last hour testify to this special gift of it.

What will be the secret to keeping yourself so fit, many will ask? As we learn from the photos shared on the model’s social profile, Viki shows off with the use of regenerating creams and exfoliants.

Others believe that intense physical activity, which is the main ingredient that allows her to have an identity in the spotlight, also helps her figure not change.

An impressive mannequin

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Huge enthusiasm around the figure of Viki Odintcova, one of the most popular and clicked models internationally.

The Russian-born web influencer is driving followers crazy, thanks to attempts that were unimportant in front of the cameras. Passion, beauty and sensuality are some of the key traits of this famous character who has fully entered the forbidden desires of her fans.

In her spare time, Viki does not hesitate to relax with the sound of the waves foaming on the shore. Her latest series of incandescent shots makes her the hero of a never-before-seen nature show.

Viktoria Odintcova exposed Cristiano Ronaldo!

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Russian model and presenter Viktoria Odintcova explained the message that Cristiano Ronaldo sent her.

Russian model and presenter Viktoria Odintcova shared what happened with the Portuguese star football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus.

The Russian beauty, who has more than 5.1 million followers on Instagram, confessed to her correspondence with famous athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton and Neymar.

She put on her swimsuit and continued her sport

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Of course, when you become a model, you may hear sarcastic remarks about your job. However, modeling has its drawbacks. If you do not have a fit physique and a healthy body, it will be very difficult for you to be successful in your job.

Viki is a strict athlete and manages to maintain her physique with strict diets on the bright days of the month. She is very successful in sports and is making visible progress in her physique.

Viki has now succeeded in taking her modeling career to the top. It makes advertising agreements with large companies. The wiki must maintain its physique so as not to degrade its performance.

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