Queen II. Two puppies were gifted to Elizabeth

Allegedly depressed and uncomfortable, Queen II. Two puppies were gifted to Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth II posed with her new dogs. Queen of Britain II, who had a hard time due to her granddaughter Prince Harry‘s decision to leave the Crown and the annoyance of his wife, Prince Philip. Two lovely friends were brought to Elizabeth to cheer up.

Queen ii. Two puppies were gifted to elizabeth 2 gmspors

For Queen Elizabeth, who is known for her fondness for dogs and has more than 30 dogs in her life, it is reported that two Welsh Corgi dogs were brought to Windsor Palace. According to The Sun’s report, the 94-year-old was delighted to see two adorable puppies just a few weeks old in front of the Queen.

“It is unthinkable that the Queen doesn’t have a corgi dog. While Philip was in the hospital, the puppies brought sound and energy to the palace,” said a source from the palace who did not reveal his name.

Queen ii. Two puppies were gifted to elizabeth 1 gmspors

The Queen’s last Welsh Corgi dog, Whisper, died in 2018. II. Elizabeth has another dog named Candy.

It was previously said that the Queen was not considering buying a new dog, so as not to leave them behind if she dies. It is stated that puppies came as a gift to the Queen, who was depressed due to the departure of the royal grandson Prince William with his wife Meghan Markle and the hospitalization of his wife Prince Philip.

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