Pushed by Jeremy Stephens had a klose jolt

He suffered a shock jolt pushed by Jeremy Stephens, The fight was canceled. Events continue to mix up at the UFC. Pushed by Jeremy Stephens, Klose was hospitalized.

MMA – The joint main event of the weekend’s UFC event has been completely canceled. Drakkar Klose, suppressed by Jeremy Stephens, had to lose his judgment.

Pushed by Jeremy Stephens had a klose jolt


Drakkar Klose withdrew from his fight with Jeremy Stephens. So the shock, which would serve as the joint main event for UFC Vegas 24, was canceled just hours before it took place. Pushed violently by Stephens during the controversy, Klose explained his crime on social networks:

After being pushed by Jeremy in a one-on-one sequence, I immediately felt my hand numb and my neck squeezed. Sean Shelby and UFC officials sent me to the Performance Institute for two hours to be examined by physiotherapy staff. I spent the night eating, rehydrating, yawning, and even seeing the physiotherapy team that night. I woke up early this morning with a migraine / headache, nausea, and the only thing that made me feel better was staying in the dark. ”

“The UFC gave me some medicine and I rested for a few hours before getting up and throwing up. That’s when we called the UFC doctor and he decided to send me to the hospital. I apologize to anyone who was excited about this fight, I tried my best to stay but these issues are out of my control. ”

The results of the screening at the hospital showed that Drakkar Klose suffered from whipping and concussions. The UFC plans to host the war again, Fighting MMA.