PSG vs Haïfa Fabian Ruiz started in the starting 11

The midfielder who was out of shape at the end of the transfer window chained up good performances as a result of a well-managed upgrade.

Since the start of the season, some doubts about Parisian recruitment have begun to settle. With the exception of Vitinha, who quickly adapted, few of the newcomers managed to settle down permanently at PSG. Mukiele and Ekitike’s erratic exits and those abducted by Sanches have already been injured twice, and Soler has raised some suspicions.

But one player is in the process of joining the achievements box: Fabian Ruiz. A steady game against Lyon and strong performances against Marseille and Ajaccio made the Spaniards big winners in the midfield three-pointer. Being the man naturally missing in this trio composed by Vitinha and Verratti suspended in Haifa.

Fabian ruiz psg gmspors

Paris wanted to have it before his trip to Japan.

However, the Andalusian player remotely kicked off and suffered the woes of the summer transfer window, marked by Antero Henrique’s delay in negotiations. Expected to be part of a tour of Japan in the capital in July and a tour to Israel for the Champions Cup, Ruiz had to make a thorough preparation that PSG would want to oversee.

He asked the Neapolitan leaders not to take any risks, in order to avoid any risk of injury and not miss a train that would not pass twice. Result: The player trained alone and did not take part in any pre-season matches, resulting in actual physical but also technical and tactical delay, especially in understanding instructions and automation.

“We thought he would join us sooner and in the last weeks he wished not to start the championship with Napoli. Therefore, he trained for fifteen days separately and was a bit behind in terms of rhythm,” Galtier confirmed before the reception of Brest (1-0, September 10).

To make up for this delay, Fabian Ruiz therefore had to work harder than his partners. He knew this and was warned by Luis Campos and his technical team members. “We asked him to be patient, and then he did the job like a great pro: He did additional sessions, was there early in the morning, and left very late after filling in the others.”

The Spanish national player quickly made his mark off the pitch. It didn’t last forever at the Royal Monceau and found its accommodation. Not forgetting the accelerated French courts that allowed him to hope to hold his next press conference in Molière, but also the small Spanish community of the cloakroom: Ramos, Bernat, Soler (he was in the same room) with whom he rubbed his shoulders at the election. as Soler’s Espoirs) and Rico. “Marco (Verratti) helped me as much as possible as I spoke Italian for the first few days,” the side added at the press conference held the day before the match.

Already a good adaptation in his previous two clubs

The Spaniard owes this rise to power to a faculty of adaptation negotiated at Bétis and Naples, as well as to the system change run by Galtier. “He played pretty fast when he went to the pros in Spain. There was a managerial change (José Mel was replaced by Juan Merino in January 2016), and his replacement, who had known him for several years, came to trust him fairly quickly. And the next season was the season of blessing”, recalls Foued Kadir, who remembers “always a great guy with bananas” and “good technique despite the big size”.

When asked about his ability to play two or three in midfield, Fabian Ruiz did not specify his preference, but praised his adaptability above all. Once again. “Depending on the coach’s decision, I can adapt to both game systems. I’ve played 4-3-3 for the last few years, but I’m comfortable with other systems as well. »

Foued Kadir remembers taking his first professional steps in 4-4-2.

“He has no problem playing two or three midfielders. Technically very comfortable, he has a very good left foot. And then you feel a huge evolution in the capacity to repeat efforts, especially physically. I had the opportunity to see him playing with Napoli, he can throw himself forward and come back to the defense, repeat his efforts, go back and forth. He also got thicker and gained muscle in Italy. When we played together, he was tall and thin. »

Fabian Ruiz, who should have started well against Haifa on Tuesday evening with Vitinha and Renato Sanches, has the opportunity to confirm this new position of the third man in the middle a little more. And the second satisfaction of Parisian recruiting.

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