Professional Poker Player Zhao burned to death

Poker player Zhao sexually harassed burned alive

In America, 33-year-old famous poker player Susie Zhao was burned alive after being sexually abused by a man.

The cremated body of the woman was found in a recreation area on July 13 in Oakland, America. After the police investigation, it was determined that the woman was the famous poker player, 33-year-old Susie Zhao. Police detained a man named Jeffrey Morris, who had a criminal record of sexual harassment at the age of 60. In the trial, Morris was reported to be burning alive after sexually harassing Susie. Forensic medicine expert Dri Andrew Hanosh, who attended the court via teleconference, said that his hair was cut and that they found soot in the lungs and respiratory tract that it was proof that Susie was burned alive.

US Police release autopsy reports

In the autopsy report, he also explained that Susie’s genitals had been hit repeatedly with a hard object, causing extensive damage. Ronald Granville, who found Susie’s burned body, said that he first informed the police when he realized that the body was a mannequin made of plastic, then a human body.


US Police made statements about the incident. The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment. A detailed autopsy report has been released about the poker player Susie Zhao.

Eight times they talked on the phone

Checking Susie’s phone records, the police found that there had been at least eight conversations between Susie and Morris. The police also stated that the couple stayed together in a motel and came together to the promenade where the murder took place. Although Morris’ lawyer demanded his client’s release in court, the court decided that there was concrete evidence of the murder and that Morris should be put on remand.

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