Private spa center open for sex dolls

Sex dolls, which have recently come to the fore with their frequent preference by people, were frequently on the agenda. These dolls, which draw attention to many details from their production to their use, are now on the agenda with a special service offered to them. Recently established Galmato Haven, which describes itself as the first and only official sex doll repair center, has announced that it offers a spa service for worn babies that rejuvenates and rejuvenates them.

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Sex dolls, which have been on the agenda frequently lately, were the subject of the news, this time with a service specially offered for them. Galmato Haven, a firm that has recently announced that it offers a spa service for worn-out babies that rejuvenates and revitalizes them, has stood out for describing itself as the first and only official sex doll repair center.

“After a short period of head-to-toe repair, retouching and pampering, it will be back to you as it was the first day it arrived,” the repair service company’s website read. Thus, it seems that the owners of special friends can give their artificial friends a gift that will make them and themselves happy.

The company also announced that it helps people who don’t have sex dolls yet by selling new and used dolls. However, they also drew attention to the decrease in their stocks and urged their customers to act quickly.

One of the examples they presented was the company’s most expensive product, the $8500 Harmony. In the advertisement, which also included the repaired defects of Harmony, a second-hand doll, it was written that she was looking for a new home.

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What’s more, on the off chance that you’re not annoyed where it’s been, the better, in light of the fact that the firm likewise offers a scope of ‘confirmed used’ dolls, which I expect (and frantically trust) have been given an extra exhaustive clean.

The broad assortment incorporates heads, middles and full dolls, and you will be satisfied to realize that not all have been tarnished previously.

Nonetheless, they appear to have had a sudden spike in demand for their stock, since there’s relatively few remaining, so in the event that you’re anticipating capturing one, you better move rapidly.

One of those on offer is Michelle, which is ‘unused’ and will hinder you $5,000 (£4,151).

Her advert says: “This blue-looked at magnificence comes from a sorted out proprietor synth-life isn’t so much for him.

“She has a sort A supplement and French nail trim.”

Or on the other hand you could go for their most costly item, an AI head, called Harmony, which is valued at $8,500 (£7,057).

As indicated by the advert: “This chatty magnificence is searching for another spot to call home. She’s in perfect, yet noticeably flawed, shape.

“The head is in wonderful working condition, yet the body has a couple of little deformities.

“There is some gentle dimpling in the left bosom. The industrial facility proposes that ordinary back rub can assist with clearing this up.

A couple of minor scratches in the body have likewise been revised.”

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