Prison sentence for Veronika Troshina

The arrest warrant for the police, Russian adult actress and model Veronika Troshina. Veronika Troshina is expected to be sentenced for the crime of disregarding immoral content and social rules.

Veronika Troshina Wanted by Bali Cops

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Russian adult movie star Veronika Troshina and her boyfriend Mikhail Morozov had sex on the sacred mountain in Bali and uploaded the images to the obscene site. Bali police rummage everywhere looking for the couple.

The adult movie star had an affair with her lover on the sacred mountain, the country was alarmed.

After the footage came out, the Bali police started work to catch the couple.

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But until the incident occurred, the couple returned from Bali to their country, Russia.

Troshina shared an episode from her Twitter account before uploading the video to the sexually explicit site, and then immediately removed it.

Within the scope of the investigation of the police teams, the video was blocked on the site where it was uploaded upon the complaint of the managers.

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While it is not known how long the couple stayed in Bali, a ban from Indonesia came up.

The couple has not made a statement about the scandal that has taken the country up until now.

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