Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa strolling naked in her designer bag

Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa ‘can’t stand the NYC heat’ and goes nude with only her designer bag, and her fans have witnessed those moments.

Mia Khalifa, who is always on the agenda with her physique and past and is still among the favorite women of young people, posed nude with her luxury bag.

The 29-year-old OnlyFans star posed behind her large YSL leather bag, almost concealing her naked body, while enjoying herself in the luxury bathroom of a five-star hotel in midtown Manhattan.

Pornhub legend and grown-up industry dissident Mia Khalifa keeps on wowing fans on her Instagram, presenting with a planner sack covering her popular resources as she guarantees she “cant handle the NYC heat”.

The OnlyFans star, 29, presented behind the huge YSL cowhide purse, pretty much darkening her bare body underneath.

“So difficult to dress for this NY heat,” she kidded in a subtitle close by the post from the early long periods of Tuesday, August 30.

The model break out a progression of postures for her 27.7 million supporters in the rich washroom of The St. Regis New York five-star lodging in midtown Manhattan.

“I can fit you in that pack and convey you arounddddd I’m fixated,” answered Playboy model Nyleen Ashley.

“Blistering young lady summer!” composed star tennis player Julia Elbaba.

Model Jenna Lee kidded: “Where’s one of you sitting inside the sack?”

Khalifa, who as of late said a final farewell to rapper sweetheart Jhay Cortez, as of late posted a mysterious message about “God’s hardest fights” while on the performance outing to New York.

The OnlyFans star shared a post from extravagance eatery Atera NYC, showing her pigging out on luxurious cuisine and wine, and presenting in the passage of the stylish foundation.

“‘God gives his hardest fights to his most grounded troopers'”, she composed, prior to adding “and the fight is serving looks on performance trips with just a self clock”.

She and Cortez had been in an apparently cherished up relationship for the most awesome aspect of a year, however the couple purportedly split recently.

Furthermore, Khalifa has since posted a huge number of mysterious tweets and recordings apparently taking digs at her performer ex.

The star took to Twitter on August 19, sharing an image of a white entryway with a plaque that read “control room”.

The tweet was subtitled: “Men be like ‘I know a spot’ and take you here.”

She likewise tweeted only days earlier: “The most humiliating thing on the planet to be correct now is a sweetheart, petitioning God for you all.”

What’s more, in a video that gathered almost 100,000 preferences, she added: “When you been genuinely experienced through the entire relationship yet you didn’t get away from a nationwide conflict to bring up another person’s developed child.”

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