Police raid during TikTok livestream

It lives on a criminal gang TikTok platform in Turkey are detained by the police in sırans. The moments when the police detained criminals broadcasting live in Tiktok were observed by many users.

Police raid on TikTok live broadcast: taken into custody

Turkey Yalova Region social media site by auctioning live on perfumes TikTok leakage and illegal selling commodity products o.k.v the person named fuck are caught red-handed.

Police raid during tiktok livestream gmspors

Yalova Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch teams organized an operation against two people selling smuggled perfumes and illegal commodity products.

The person named O.K, who was determined to sell illegal products through auctions in the live broadcast, was calling out “Who will put the last point” while trying to sell the perfume for 180 liras.

At this point, the Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch teams entered and raided. In various brands that are considered to be smuggled into the country in searches; 210 pieces of perfume, 110 pieces of contraband clothing, 20 pieces of wristwatches were seized.

O.K and S.K. named persons were detained and investigation started.

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