Pole dancers at the Gender Party reacted on social media

Never seen a gender learning party like this! The pole dancers at the party got a social media backlash and it soon became a trending video on tiktok.

Pole dancers at the gender party reacted on social media 1 gmspors

One couple decided on a not-really conventional way to deal with facilitating an orientation uncover get-together.

While many go for the standard inflatable popping or cake-cutting exhibition, mother to-be Maria Popa chose to have a stripper post showed up front at her slam.

Furthermore, the post wasn’t there as a prop: She had artists play out their stunts.

The party video shared on her TikTok account, which frequently includes clasps of herself shaft moving, has piled up an astounding 6.8 million perspectives in only three days.

The video was shared on the Reddit page “TikTok Cringe,” which includes a few uncommon clasps individuals go over via virtual entertainment.

Extremely observant Reddit clients rushed to recognize that Popa’s video didn’t really uncover the orientation of the child, however rather the spread she put on for the eagerly awaited day.

@mariap_poledance Gender party #party #genderparty #rek #reki ♬ Move Your Body – Öwnboss & Sevek

I have never seen a gender learning party like this!

Recently, parties organized by prospective parents to find out the gender of their children have become popular. Particularly, parties prepared in different concepts attracted the attention of social media, and a couple made the situation even more interesting. The couple, who preferred their pole dancers to learn the gender of their babies, sat on the agenda of social media.

Gender learning parties have reached an interesting point in recent years with the concepts preferred by parents. When a couple preferred pole-dancing dancers in blue and pink outfits at the gender learning party they broadcast on social media, the reactions of social media users were not delayed. A dancer named Maria Popa shared a video on her TikTok account showing she was hired to perform with other dancers for a gender learning party.

Pole dancers at the gender party reacted on social media 2 gmspors

Social media users flocked to the comment section after the images became popular. Some of the social media users expressed that they found the pole dance concept suitable for the gender learning party, while others said that they supported the couple.

One social media user said, “When I first saw the video, I was confused. For a long time, I could not understand what the dancers in pink and blue clothes were doing.” Another user said, “Pole dance is a magnificent and athletic dance. It doesn’t always have to be associated with something sexy,” she added.

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