Plus-size model Isabel Nicholls Nall takes off her bikini top

Plus-size model Isabel Nicholls Nall has released her bikini top! She challenged the stereotypes of beauty and greeted her fans with bare boobs.

Social media phenomenon Isabel Nicholls Nall managed to become popular in a short time with her posts on body positivity on social media. Plus-size model Nall challenged beauty stereotypes on social media, arguing that women should not be standardized on body measurements.

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Nall, who took a breather on vacation with the arrival of the summer months, made a sharing from the seaside again. Expressing that there is no pattern to beauty with her body positivity posts, Nall addressed her 266 thousand social media followers with a post that pushes the limits. Arguing that beauty is not just about size zero and that women of all sizes are beautiful, Nall posed by removing her black bikini top.

Plus-size model Nall responded to the negative criticisms made to her with a bikini post on her social media account. Nall, posing with a towel in her hair, in front of the sea while on vacation in London, boldly showed her body measurements.

Sharing the plus-size model soon gained the appreciation of social media users, and Nall replied to her post, “My beautiful body. She is at peace with all that I have and all that I can be.”

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