Plastic surgery addicted phenomenon Martina Big

Plastic surgery addicted phenomenon Martina Big shocked everyone with her change! She even changed her skin color and fans criticized her for it.

Social media phenomenon Martina Big, who claims to have “the biggest breasts in Europe”, has turned into a completely different person with the aesthetic operations she has undergone over the years. Born as a white baby, Big transformed into a black woman over time and had each of her breasts enlarged up to 20,000 cc.

the biggest breasts in Europe

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34-year-old social media phenomenon Martina Big has gone through an incredible process of change over the years, becoming addicted to aesthetic procedures. Stating that aesthetic operations have positive effects on her life contrary to what is believed, Big said, “People say it is very dangerous, but I have not seen any risky situations. On the contrary, my sexual life has suddenly become more beautiful and I will continue to have plastic surgeries.

Big, who wanted to have big breasts when she was a stewardess, but resigned because she found the image of the airline company she was working at that time too much, she devoted her life to aesthetic procedures.

In addition to her breast aesthetic surgeries, Big went under the knife in 2012 to have her legs, hips and waist narrowed. After a few months of these procedures, she continued her rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and porcelain veneer procedures.

The model, who changed her name to Malaika Kubwa in 2018 to look more African, received tanning injections to darken her skin tone.

“African Exotic Barbie” recently made a trip to Kenya, where she wanted to learn about its culture. Here he was baptized in a church and given the name Malaika Kubwa, which means “great angel” in Swahili. Warmly welcomed in Kenya, Martina now wears traditional African clothing and is learning Swahili.

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