Photos Revealing the Cuteness of Model Trauden Naomi +12

We have prepared a series of photos highlighting the beauty and cuteness of Trauden Naomi (トラウデン直美), one of Japan’s leading models and collaborating with many important brands.

On April 21, 1999 , Naomi Trauden (Naomi Trauden , Germany : Naomi Trauden (トラウデン直美), 21 April 1999 Half model of Germany and Japan , a talent , a nursery rhyme and commentator . It belongs to Pearl. Special model for “CanCam” (Shogakukan). Nicknames are Tora-chan, Tora-mi, and Denden . She was born in Kyoto City, Kyoto Province . After studying at Kinrin Elementary School in Kyoto , Konoe Junior High School in Kyoto [6] and Doshisha International High School , he graduated from Keio University Law School Political Science Department .

She won the Miss Teen Japan Grand Prix in 2012 and debuted at the age of 13 as the youngest elite model of “CanCam” (Shogakukan) magazine. While in high school, she avoided work, prioritizing his studies, but began full-scale entertainment activities in Tokyo after entering college.

Trauden Naomi

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