Photos of Egyptian Pyramids lead to the arrest of Model Salma Elshimy

Salma al-Shimi was purportedly captured on Monday, November 30th, for her photoshoot at the Pyramid of Djoser simply outside Cairo.

The Pyramid of Djoser is 4,700 years of age and Salma al-Shimi led the shoot with a picture taker apparently named Houssa Mohammed. In the pictures she can be seen wearing an alluring and short old Egyptian outfit.

Photos of Egyptian Pyramids lead to the arrest of Model Salma Elshimy 4

It’s accounted for that Salma al-Shimi was captured close by the picture taker and that they are both as of now temporarily free from jail however will deal with indictments of “taking photographs without authorisation in the Saqqara archeological site.”

Egyptian model Salma El-Shimy was captured on Monday over a photograph meeting in Saqqara, a conspicuous archeological site in the city of Giza. El-Shimy, 26, postured for an assortment of photographs in a dress displayed on old Egyptian attire. The outfit was considered “improper” by authorities at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, alluded the occurrence to public examiners for examination, the service affirmed in an articulation. It cited Waziri as notice that, “any individual who shows carelessness with regards to artifacts or our remarkable Egyptian human advancement will be rebuffed.”

The Egyptian police have kept a picture taker purportedly for affront after he shot pictures of a model in a noteworthy old outfit at the Pyramid of Djoser outside Cairo, said reports. As indicated by bits of gossip coursing via online media, the Egyptian design model, Salma al-Shimi, was additionally captured not long after the take shots at the Saqqara necropolis, 20 miles south of Cairo, however police confined the picture taker later on Monday.

Photos of Egyptian Pyramids lead to the arrest of Model Salma Elshimy 1


The Pyramid is an Unesco World Heritage site was a functioning cemetery for over 3000 years thus there are exacting guidelines which boycott photography which is considered as foul or insolent.

Indeed, any photography there is restricted by and large, and examination and arranging is needed for anybody planning to take pictures. The Tourism Police at the Ministry of Interior supposedly tested six representatives to work out who helped or permitted the shoot to occur.

As indicated by neighborhood media source Akhbar el-Youm, Salma al-Shimi showed up before an examiner and contended that she was uninformed that photography without a license was taboo and that her expectation was to elevate the travel industry to Egypt as opposed to insult.

Photos of Egyptian Pyramids lead to the arrest of Model Salma Elshimy 3

Egyptian Model Salma Elshimy Biography

The model being referred to is likewise a genuine model as well, as indicated by her web-based media. The Instagram influencer has around 100,000 for her with the handle salma.elshimy.official. Be that as it may, she had 300,000 on her past record which she says was hacked.

Salma al-Shimi is famous on TikTok too with two separate records. @salmaelshimyofficialtiktok has around 94,000 devotees while @salmaelsimy0 has 80,000. As per her TikTok bio, she has “developed to disregard the testy remarks and awful perspectives,” which is demonstrated through her normal ‘applaud back’ reactions to detest remarks.

On Instagram and TikTok, recordings and pictures from her Egyptian pyramid photoshoots are as yet transferred.

Photos of Egyptian Pyramids lead to the arrest of Model Salma Elshimy 2

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