Photo of Gigi Hadid hiding her daughter revealed

A photo of Gigi Hadid’s daughter, which she hid from everyone and did not share pictures, appeared. Gigi Hadid accidentally shared her daughter, whose face she kept secret, on social media.

Photo of Gigi Hadid’s newborn baby

The famous US model Gigi Hadid accidentally shared the video of her daughter, which she took in her arms 6 months ago and kept her face a secret. Even though the video was deleted in seconds, the images were already spread by social media users.

Photo of Gigi Hadid hiding her daughter revealed 2

The world famous top model Gigi Hadid embraced Zayn Malik and the girls they named Khai 6 months ago. However, the famous model accidentally shared with Malik their daughter, whom they kept secret from everyone and raised their face away from the cameras.

Gigi Hadid, who shared a video from her social media account Instagram that was seen to be with her baby, removed the post in a short time. However, his strict followers took screenshots from the video that was removed in seconds and spread the photo of the baby on social media.

The world famous model Gigi Hadid returned to the podiums last week. Hadid, who took the podium for Versace’s Autumn / Winter creation for the first time after birth, showed up with red hair as opposed to blonde hair. Her sister Bella Hadid accompanied the famous model, who did not have birth weight.

Gigi Hadid doesn’t want to share pictures of her daughter

Photo of Gigi Hadid hiding her daughter revealed 3

Gigi Hadid and Husband are afraid to share pictures of their daughter. It was the agenda that the famous model did not share or explain about her daughter in any way. Especially Gigi Hadid’s followers do not understand that the famous model is hiding her daughter from the whole world.

Besides Gigi Hadid, no family members and husband try not to share the newborn baby. The immediate removal of the photo shared on social media was criticized by many people.

Photo of Gigi Hadid hiding her daughter revealed 1