Peter North grabbed his wife by the neck and raped her saying “It’s your fault”

Audio recordings burned the adult movie star! He grabbed his wife’s neck and raped her, saying, “It’s your fault.”

Male adult movie star Peter North has been accused of beating and 2 times raping his estranged wife, Nadia North. Sound recordings burned the head of North, who did not accept the allegations against him. In the audio recordings, the adult movie star can be heard admitting to beating his wife. While police reports also confirmed the rape allegations against Peter, Nadia North said that her husband held her by the neck when she raped her and said, “It was your fault.”

Peter north grabbed his wife by the neck and raped her saying its your fault 2 gmspors

The legal battle between Peter North, who is known for acting in adult films, and his estranged wife, Nadia North, continues. While Nadia North stated that her husband beat her and raped her twice, audio recordings burned Peter’s head, who denied these allegations. In the audio recordings, Peter North was heard admitting to the allegations of violence, while Nadia North said that her husband raped her and said, “It was your fault.”

Nadia North, 43, told The Daily Beast in early December 2018 that she thought she would die during one of the alleged attacks, after she tried to leave her husband and she found out about it. North had recorded the sound of the alleged attack on his phone.

Peter north grabbed his wife by the neck and raped her saying its your fault 1 gmspors

In the recording published by The Daily Beast, the voice of a man allegedly belonging to 63-year-old Peter North, whose real name is Alden Joseph Brown, can be heard laughing, singing the song ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and confessing to beating Nadia.

‘I’m on top in life… I always just wanted to make you happy and I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done to upset you…especially because I hurt you physically or emotionally…even nearly killed you…’

One of them was one of at least 11 attacks alleged between March 2017 and June 2019. Nadia North told The Daily Beast that her ribs were broken, she had multiple bruises all over her body, she suffered a head contusion, a spinal cord injury and at least five concussions.

The Daily Beast said in its special report released Saturday that it “sees numerous police reports, hospital reports, court documents, audio recordings, text messages and photos confirming Nadia’s allegations of harassment against North.”

North did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. Peter North has appeared in the adult film industry and thousands of adult films since 1983. The two got married in March 2017, and Nadia said Peter quickly became controlling and violent.

Peter was arrested twice in June 2019 in connection with domestic violence charges, The Daily Beast reports. Shortly after Peter North paid bail for the second arrest, he emptied his bank accounts and told Nadia that she was a “good girl” and could have some money.

Two months later – August 2019 – Nadia’s situation became hopeless as she had mold in the house and didn’t have the money to fix it. He begged Peter for money for a hotel. They got together to look at mold, The Daily Beast reports.

“She just had to look and go. I went upstairs to change my shirt and… she said she missed me. She decided she wanted me and I said no to her, but it didn’t work. Then she raped me,” Nadia said.

“She grabbed me by the neck… and then told me it was ‘my fault’ and not to tell anyone because I deserved it,” Nadia told The Daily Beast. told in her words.

The Daily Beast wrote that the interview was made ‘from a secret place’. Hearings of the divorce and harassment cases Nadia filed against Peter will be held this week.

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