Peter Dante Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill His Neighbor

Dante’s story begins with a complaint from his neighbor’s house about the noisy construction that kicked off The Waterboy’s co-star on a rage, according to TMZ. Threatening to kill not only his neighbor, but also his wife and children, Peter Dante was eventually arrested by the authorities for making “criminal threats”. Imprisoned for a moment, Dante was eventually released on bail.

Actor Peter Dante Arrested for Alleging Threats to His Neighbor over Noise Complaint.

‘Waterboy’ star Peter Dante arrested, allegedly threatening to kill neighbor

Peter dante arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor 2 gmspors

You’ve seen him play dumb parts in almost every Adam Sandler movie. Pierre Dante gets in serious trouble when he says the cops are threatening to kill his neighbor because of the construction noise.

Police sources told TMZ that cops arrived at Peter’s Los Angeles area home Wednesday morning after allegedly driving a neighbor crazy. Cops say Peter is troubled by the ongoing construction noise at a neighbor’s house.

Apparently this triggered Peter…cops say the player is facing his neighbor in a big way. Officers said the conflict escalated to the point where Peter threatened to kill the neighbor and harm his wife and children.

Our sources say that after speaking to everyone involved… the cops arrested Peter for making criminal threats. He was detained, but released on bail.

This isn’t the first time Peter has been accused of threats. As we reported… He was arrested in 2013 and kicked out of a Los Angeles hotel for allegedly making violent threats and using racial slurs.

Peter dante arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor 1 gmspors

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