Perverse chain Sexual abuse and prostitution Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, owner of the chain of perversion


According to breaking news, a federal appeals court in the United States has decided to reconsider allegations of “violating the rights of federal prosecutors” by US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of establishing a pedophilia and prostitution network and found dead in prison. It became the agenda in the USA with its great shocks. Among the allegations, there are many people in the state.

US leader Trump shared a video on Twitter in which conservative comedian Terrence Williams blamed former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Epstein’s death. Trump claimed in his message that Epstein died while in suicide custody.

As a result of the eyes-turned autopsy, conspiracy theories ended and it became clear that death was suicide. On social media, it has been claimed that Epstein was killed to prevent the names of other famous people from being revealed, and even my death was fake.

Federal lawsuit against Epstein was filed

The federal case against Epstein is closed. However, it will still be possible to sue Epstein for damages. It is unknown how much of Epstein’s wealth. Even prosecutors say they do not know how much Epstein’s assets are.

According to court records, the fund manager Epstein has homes in Manhattan, Palm Beach, New Mexico and Paris, an island in the Caribbean, at least 15 cars and private aircraft.


USA grand criminal case

New evidence of Jeffrey Epstein, which caused an earthquake in the United States and resigned a Trump minister, surfaced in late July.

Virginia Roberts is one of the victims in the lawsuit filed after the famous businessman Jeffrey Epstein abused underage girls.

Roberts had submitted photographs taken by Epstein from the years Epstein held him as evidence to the court.


The first photo was taken in New York, hundreds of kilometers from her hometown of Florida.

According to the woman’s claim, Jeffrey Epstein

According to the woman’s claim, Epstein used her as a sex slave when she was a young girl. He dragged Virginia after him on his way to different parts of the world, forcing him to have sexual relations with himself and his powerful friends.


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