People were surprised to see Manish Paul with his daughter

People were surprised to see manish paul with his daughter

Maniesh Paul is out with his daughter Saisha for Ganpati Darshan, whose video went viral.
People are surprised to see Manish’s daughter in the video and ask – is she such a big girl?
Some asked if Manish got married in childhood.

As every year, this year Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan kept Ganpati at home. All Bollywood stars attended this event except Salman Khan. On the occasion of the same event, Manish Paul also reached Arpita Khan’s house and his daughter Saisha Paul was seen with him. Social media users were very surprised to see Sayesha and the same is evident in her comments.


The simplicity of Maniesh Paul’s daughter Saisha was liked by everyone

These days, when children are the center of attention in public and social media, Maniesh Paul’s daughter is far away. After a long time, this is how Maniesh Paul appeared with his daughter. Manish had arrived at Arpita’s house with his daughter. On this occasion both were seen in a traditional look and Saisha’s style was admired by all.

This video of Manish Paul and Saisha is making the rounds on social media where Sayesha is seen in Ghagra-choli and it’s very simple. Users praise Saisha’s simplicity. People are surprised that Maniesh Paul’s daughter has grown so much. Someone said – I thought she was a little sister. One user said – Wow nice, Manish’s daughter is also there and she is huge too.

One user said- Manish got married in childhood? Another user wrote – I thought she might have a sister, it’s a girl. Another user wrote – Does he have a daughter? I didn’t know when it got this big. One person wrote – I found out today, Manish is also his brother’s daughter. Another user said – Manish Paul got child marriage? Another said – She has a daughter so big at this age that I thought she was quite young.

Let’s say here that Manish Paul’s daughter is just 11 years old. Maniesh Paul married Sanyukta in 2007. Manish and Sanyukta had a daughter named Saisha in 2011. After that, they had a son Yuvan in 2016.


Love Story of Maniesh Paul and Sanyukta

Maniesh Paul and Sanyukta knew each other from their kindergarten since their school days. According to reports, Maniesh Paul and Sanyukta first met at a fancy dress contest. Manisha Paul Raj Kapoor and Sanyukta became Mother Teresa in this competition. Sanyukta was first in studies but Manish avoided studies. Maniesh Paul started taking lessons from Sanyukta’s mother and then their friendship started. Then Manish would have Sanyukta do all his homework.

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