Paul Butcher posted a reference to Sunday on Tiktok

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Actor Paul Butcher’s latest post on his tiktok account received thousands of views and likes in a short time.

The content of the famous actor, who shared his video on Tiktok with the title “Just a casual Sunday”, received full marks from many users.

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Paul Matthew Hawke Butcher Jr. is an American actor and singer. His father is former NFL defensive end Paul Butcher Sr. He is best known as Dustin Brooks in “Zoey 101.”

Paul, who has more than 1 million followers on Tiktok, has close to 30 million video likes. He is on Tiktok under the username @paulbutcher and continues to produce content frequently. He implicitly referred to Sunday in his last tiktok video.


Just a casual Sunday.

♬ careless whisper – soph

Fans interpreted this video as very funny and quality content. Paul Butcher already seems to like being active on tiktok and will continue to produce content for people often.

Paul Butcher releases his new music Horses

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While Paul Butcher was shaping his career, he wasn’t just acting as a model. He is a person with a passion for music and he restrains his soul by producing such content.

Finally, he announced his new music called Horses.

You can access Paul Butcher’s piece Horses by clicking here.

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