Papa John’s Pizza CEO John Schnatter gets criticism on Tiktok

John Schnatter, the 59-year-old founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, signed a scandal in TikTok with the video he published. It was a duet she made for a young girl almost 40 years younger than her own age.

Scandal in the pizza giant! Millions of people watched this video, there was a reaction to TikTok.

Big Criticism of John Schnatter’s Video on Tiktok

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The name of John Schnatter, the 59-year-old founder of Papa John’s Pizza, was involved in the scandal. Schnatter shared a duet video on TikTok to 21-year-old Canadian actress Paige Madison Evans.

Schnatter, who actively used TikTok, resigned from Papa John’s CEO in 2018, and Rob Lynch came to replace him.

Canadian actress Paige Madison Evans shared the original video of her lip syncing with the voice of the award-winning TV series Fleabag.

The former pizza boss was considered strange to respond to a video of a woman almost a third of her age. In the video, the actions of the former CEO especially disturbed the audience.

Papa Johns Pizza CEO John Schnatter targets criticism at Tiktok

As the voice of ‘flirting with him’ is heard, Schnatter returns to his chair, gestures and winking as if flirting. These actions of Schnatter became the mockery of TikTok.

The video went viral and was viewed 2.4 million times. However, most of the comments were negative. While he mocked some of his moves, some interpreted it as disgusting, despite the age difference.

Allegations After Papa John Schnatter Video

Papa John’s shares rose 51% in 2019 after Schnatter left all his duties with the company. But still the former CEO doesn’t see it that way and claims that the pizzeria’s salvation depends on him.

John Schnatter, who started his career by working at a local pizzeria in high school, explained his founding story as follows: “I discovered that the biggest deficiency in the pizza industry is to deliver quality pizza to the customers’ door. I believed it would be successful if a quality pizza chain was established. With the desire to make delicious pizzas with quality, fresh dough and ingredients, I started making and selling pizzas behind the bar owned by my father.

By that time my father was about to go bankrupt and we got out of this difficult situation by selling the 1971 Camaro to help him. Then in 1985 I opened my first restaurant next to my father’s bar. After the opening of the first restaurant, Papa John’s Pizza was appreciated for its product quality and rose rapidly. We started to open new branches one after another. ”

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