Paige Spiranac, spreading nude photos by her boyfriend, described the troubles she had

Famous golfer Paige Spiranac shared the troubles he had with the spread of his naked photos on the internet with his followers. Spiranac sent her nude photo to her boyfriend some time ago. When the couple broke up, Spiranac’s ex-girlfriend sent the photographs to another friend.


In this way, Spiranac’s photographs fell into the hands of many people. Paige said that after the photo’s spread, hundreds of people she did not know sent her harassment messages. The 26-year-old golfer said, “Before a match in Dubai, a man approached me. He said that I had naked photos in his hand. If I don’t give money or I don’t give him a naked photo, he said he would spread my photo.”


Paige stated that she survived the hard times she lived in a sports magazine by posing nude. The American golfer is the representative of a charity founded to help people facing internet bullying.

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