Onlyfans star Lucy Banks has been reported to the police several times

The OnlyFans star says she’s a great mom – but people keep reporting her to the police. Lucy Banks is fed up with people turning their hatred towards her.

OnlyFans star says she’s a great mother

Lucy Banks has been accounted for to the police a few times, had a block tossed into her home and persevered through contemptuous maltreatment from endless individuals.

The West Australian mother of-two has even needed to legitimately change her name and record numerous limiting requests – and not on the grounds that she has a checkered past as a brutal crook.

Truth be told, she’s never carried out a wrongdoing in her life, and lives a completely innocuous presence in Perth with her two children.

Certain individuals from general society nonetheless, disapprove of her work as an OnlyFans content maker, erroneously blaming her for presenting her youngsters to sex work.

The 32-year-old has for quite a long time been monetarily free due to her effective business, which has permitted her to pay for private schooling, a house, vehicle and a venture property.

Be that as it may, regardless of her fantastic achievement, a few people have kept making a special effort attempting to demonstrate she is here and there jeopardizing her youngsters.

A cop as of late illuminated her she had been accounted for to both Child Protection Services and the police on five events each.

“I was profoundly vexed. That was truly upsetting for me. I’m a remarkable mother and all that I do is to ensure my children are free from any potential harm,” Ms. Banks told

The official guaranteed her she was not on their radar under any circumstance, and all reports had been excused given none were upheld by proof.

Ms Banks has likewise managed the terrifying truth of savages knowing where she resided, having one day found a block in her yard with the word sl*t engraved into it.

“That took it to another level and we moved half a month after that,” she said.

“Individuals can detest me however much they need, that is not an issue. Be that as it may, it was clearly someone who could do without me who knows where I reside.”

She embraced Lucy Banks as a functioning name, and has now totally changed her lawful name to make it harder for individuals to undermine hers and her youngsters’ security.

“Individuals have no clue how much exertion I go to ensure we’re protected,” she said.

Regardless of tireless endeavors of savages to harm Ms. Banks’ occupation, she had stayed focused on her business and acknowledged they were an undeniable piece of the gig.

“This occupation implies I can put my children through non-public schools without anyone else, I’ve purchased a permanent spot for ourselves and I’ve purchased a steady vehicle,” she said, adding that, “I didn’t grow up with security, however presently I can give that to my children.

“In the event that the expense of that is certain disliking me, then that is OK.”

Having the option to make content from any area whenever implied Ms. Banks delighted in extravagances numerous different guardians didn’t – she never missed an after-school get or don, and could take her children on abroad occasions for expanded periods at whatever point they loved.

“Individuals that do OnlyFans are not consideration searchers or cash ravenous, a ton of us are simply needing the best for our families like every other person,” she said.

“We simply have this shame that can get over into reality and be very frightening.”

Lucy Banks states that she has received threats on her Instagram account. But he also managed to reach thousands of fans on Instagram.

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