Onlyfans creator Penny London targets new fans on Tiktok

Gaining thousands of fans with her Instagram posts, Onlyfans content producer Penny London now aims to gain new fans on Tiktok.

While the number of content producers in tiktok has been increasing a lot lately, it is thought that the platform has deviated a little from its own concept. Tiktok, which is used by many people and has no age restrictions, has started to include porn stars, Onlyfans people and many adult content producers.

It is argued that the changes in Tiktok’s current policy are not enough and people use this platform almost like adult sites.

Actually Penny London is a new phenomenon that aims to increase onlyfans revenue by gaining more fans on Tiktok.

She has an official profile on Instagram with the username @pennylondonxo.

Besides, her biggest follower is on Tiktok and her nickname is @pennylondonx.

Oda continues to make money by marketing his body, as do many single fan builders. It’s estimated that Penny London is already making over $10,000 a month.

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