Olivia Wilde praised Harry Styles: He jumped forward with humility and grace

The heroes of the first “bomb love” of the year in the show business now live in the same house. The beautiful star also collected all her belongings in the house where she lived with her ex-fiancee and moved to her new lover’s house. Moreover, he chose February 14 Valentine’s Day for this.

Olivia Wilde, who had been engaged for seven years and part ways with Jason Sudeikis, the father of two children, began to have a love affair with Harry Styles, with whom he directed and worked on one of the major roles in Don’t Worry Darling. Now the two lovers live in the same house.

Olivia Wilde praised Harry Styles

Star actress Olivia Wilde stated that her singer lover Harry Styles, with whom she appeared on camera in her new project, was brave because of her acting choices, “Many male actors refuse to be a supporting actor in movies starring women. Harry Styles instilled details of his humanity into every scene. He stands out with humility and grace.” he jumped.


Olivia Wilde talked about the situation in Hollywood for men to agree to appear in the film as a female supporting actor. Wilde shared the following words in his post on Instagram: “Little-known facts: Most male actors do not agree to be a supporting actor in movies with female stars. The industry has made me believe that accepting this will diminish their power.”

“That’s one of the reasons why it’s hard to find someone to fund movies with female stars. I’m not kidding, it’s really hard to find a male actor who realizes that letting an actress keep the spotlight is worthwhile.”


“Harry Styles, the Jack of our movie, not only enjoyed letting Florence Pugh be in the foreground as our Alice, she instilled details of her humanity into every scene.”

“She didn’t have to join our circus. But she jumped forward with humility and grace. Every day on the set fascinated us with her talent, friendliness, and ability to drive backwards.”

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Styles had agreed to co-star Don’t Worry Darling, starring Florence Pugh.

Olivia Jane Wilde, American actress. The actress, who started her acting life in the early 2000s, has appeared in some movies and TV series. The best known of these is The O.C. and The Black Donnellys. Remy played the role of “13” Hadley in the House MD television series.