Nova Jewels contracted an infection from cuts on her arm

Social media phenomenon Nova Jewels was famous for its sexy poses! She even managed to earn money from her hospital bed and people are wondering about her latest status.

Nova jewels contracted an infection from cuts on her arm 2 gmspors

Social media phenomenon Nova Jewels announced that she was hospitalized after small cuts on her arm became seriously infected. Jewels, who stated that she stayed in the hospital for a week and received treatment, explained her situation to her fans in her social media post.

Scottish social media phenomenon Nova Jewels survived a minor accident by trying to surf during summer vacation. Jewels, who fell from the surf and hurt her elbows, developed edema due to infection in her arms. At first, Jewels stated that she only had minor abrasions on her arms, but was eventually hospitalized for a serious infection.

Nova jewels contracted an infection from cuts on her arm 3 gmspors

Stating that she could not post on social media during her hospital stay, Jewels said, “I was so sick that I never worked for a week. I was completely exhausted and relied on morphine every few hours to stop the pain and had no appetite. I finally posted a post to let my followers and fans know that I was in the hospital, and even that made me feel like it took a lot of effort. I couldn’t stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, so I slept through it for a week. I should be sleeping about 15 hours a day,” she said, talking about her health.

Nova jewels contracted an infection from cuts on her arm 1 gmspors

Expressing that not sharing while she was in the hospital did not affect her monthly income, Jewels said that she received money from my loyal followers. Stating that she was happy with the gifts from her fans due to her illness, Jewels said, “I saw a few nice gifts in the mail and received a few hundred pounds of sympathy money. That’s why I can’t complain at all,” she said.

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