Noah Beck answers Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson dating bits of gossip

TikTok star Noah Beck is hitting back at bits of gossip that grew over the course of the end of the week after Dixie D’Amelio and her ex, Griffin Johnson, were purportedly spotted at a club together.

Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are perhaps of TikTok’s most famous couple.

The two at first got together in October 2021 in the wake of alluding to their sentiment with some PDA in Dixie’s ‘Be Happy’ music video.

From that point forward, they’ve been similar to just like twins — however recently, two or three has been tormented with separation reports.

Noah beck answers dixie damelio and griffin johnson dating bits of gossip 3 gmspors

In December 2021, fans became worried that ‘Doah’ was donion-rings after a fan inquired as to whether Noah and Dixie had separated. Beck answered with a short “Nah,” which many fans took as a joke, seeing as their pics with one another were still up on Instagram.

Once more months after the fact, notwithstanding, fans are conjecturing that these TikTokers’ relationship is on the rocks after a specific video turned into a web sensation.


TikTok exes Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson were spotted together at a Triller party on Superbowl weekend. In a grainy video taken from behind, Griffin seems to have his arm around Dixie and should be visible inclining his head onto her.

Fans were stunned that Dixie and Griffin were seen together by any stretch of the imagination, particularly after their public separation in July 2020 when Dixie blamed Griffin for cheating.

Noah beck answers dixie damelio and griffin johnson dating bits of gossip 1 gmspors

In a trade of separation melodies and diss tracks, it was clear there was still ill will between the exes all through 2020 and 2021.

Things among Noah and Griffin have additionally been here and there, with their meat reigniting in August 2021 after Noah ended his quietness on Dixie and Griffin’s relationship in a meeting with GQ.

Soon after the clasp of Dixie and Griffin rejoining circulated around the web, Noah’s flat mate and closest companion Markell Washington took to TikTok to explain what precisely occurred at the party.

He proceeded to say that “before Griffin even moved toward her and conversed with her” he requested that Markell’s consent apologize to Dixie for their muddled separation. Markell said Dixie let Griffin know that she needs no show and they can “all be companions” before the two headed out in a different direction at the party.

Dixie D’Amelio hits back at ex Griffin Johnson over duping claims in ruthless TikTok

Dixie D’Amelio has hit back at her ex Griffin Johnson over tricking claims in a ruthless TikTok.

Individual TikTok star Griffin and Dixie dated recently prior to tapping out in August.

It was asserted that Griffin undermined Dixie and sent messages to another young lady saying he was single, in spite of the fact that he later denied the cases.

Noah beck answers dixie damelio and griffin johnson dating bits of gossip 2 gmspors

The more seasoned D’Amelio sister has now shared a TikTok utilizing Griffin’s tune Convenient, in which he again denies the cases.

One peruses: ‘I want to f**k you so awful, I mean hang,’ while another says: ‘I’m single btw.’

Another says: ‘I love awful b***hes [… ] and LA young ladies are not my variety.’

Another message, remembered to be from Griffin to Dixie, starts: ‘I own dependent upon it totally and realize I have fouled up and I have harmed you in a manner that can never be excused or neglected [… ] I am sorry sincerely.’

In the subtitle, Dixie made reference to the tune, composing: ‘Genuine helpful… ‘ while her sister Charli labeled Griffin, inquiring: ‘This you?’

He has since answered in a line of mysterious tweets about missteps and pardoning.

Griffin composed: ‘An individual isn’t characterized by how they get kicked down. They’re characterized by how they get back up,’ prior to adding: ‘In the event that an individual doesn’t commit errors would they say they are really an individual? No. They’re lying.’

‘”To blunder is human; to excuse, divine.” — Alexander Pope,’ one more of his tweets read, while one more said: ‘reality will set you free particularly in the event that what’s out there is a portion of a story.’

He proceeded to say: ‘I concede to f**king up. I’m noticeably flawed. God knows I’m way off the mark yet time for others to concede something similar.

‘Tough individuals defend themselves, however more grounded individuals support others.’

He added: ‘New leaf new me,’ prior to saying: ‘Can’t change the past yet can figure out how to stay away from Déjà vu.’

TikTok stars have been left shocked by Dixie’s video, with Hype House part Thomas Petrou apparently alluding to a past assertion from Chase Hudson that guaranteed Griffin had cheated, composing: ‘So pursue didn’t lie. Insane’.

Tana Mongeau said: ‘This is the best tiktok I’ve at any point seen,’ while Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey added: ‘She truly said: this you.’

Griffin’s companion Bryce Hall answered on Twitter, saying: ‘Griff f**ked up dix applauded back, continue on all the publicity house individuals getting involved for clout and behaving like they care about the circumstance ought to stfu..

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