Nike Waffle shoes are worth millions of dollars

In a surprising first, handmade Nike shoes with waffle soles are expected to sell for $1.2 million.

It has been claimed that Nike will sell the world’s first waffle-soled shoes worth millions of dollars. Nike, the world’s largest shoe and clothing brand, has been reflected in the news that it will sell millions of dollars worth of shoes.

Nike waffle shoes are worth millions of dollars 2 gmspors

Nike Waffles

Shoes made by the co-founder of the world-famous Nike brand will be on sale at the well-established auction house Sotheby’s on the first day of the Tokyo Olympics. The first of its kind, handmade shoes with waffle soles and designed in the 60s are expected to sell for between $800,000 and $1.2 million.

Sotheby’s is offering a special Olympic Collection on July 23. On the same day as the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, there is also a handmade pair of vintage track and field shoes made by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman.

Designed by Bowerman in the 60s and modified in the 70s, the shoes are embellished with four “prototype logos” on the sides. The logos are not yet as we know them now and look more like arrows. The shoes were designed for Canadian track and field runner Harry Jerome and feature first-of-its-kind Waffle soles.

Nike waffle shoes are worth millions of dollars 1 gmspors

Bowerman, then an athletics coach at the University of Oregon, gets very stressed out watching his athletes’ metal cleats get damaged on the school’s brand new track, and years later, while eating waffles for breakfast with his wife, he tackles the problem with a shoe that can be used comfortably even in bad weather.

The shoes are expected to sell for between $800,000 and $1.2 million. Sotheby’s states that there are very few pairs of these shoes, and therefore points out that they are highly valued.

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