Nicole Fujita (藤田ニコル) Model Rising With Millions Of Fans

Nicole Fujita (藤田ニコル) is a New Zealand-born Japanese model and tarento. It is represented by the talent agency Oscar Promotion and is currently active in Tokyo. An exclusive model for the fashion magazine ViVi.

That’s sad… Nicole Fujita “Yoshinoya” is disaster again

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Yoshinoya, a large meat bowl chain, was asked about harmony using the extremely inappropriate word “Shabu-zuke Namamusume.” Nicole Fujita, who suffered “rumor damage” as the company’s commercial character, suffered another disaster.

“The company has released a collaboration menu ‘Nikorun no Gyudon,’ which was invented by Nicole from June 1. The official website also states that it is recommended to add Habanero sauce, which is sold separately, as Nicole loves spicy food. It’s done,” says the company. entertainment writer.

But Nicole leaks a surprising word about the product on radio “Fujita Nicole’s Tomorrow’s Day” (TBS Radio) on the 18th. According to Nicole, male fans say, “It’s embarrassing to order out loud with Nikorun.” Indeed, as a precautionary measure on Twitter, when she pointed to the menu and said, “Please do this,” the officer shouted loudly, “Nikorun Iccho!” She saw a tweet she instructed.

“Sorry about that…” “Sorry about the pork ramen, but when I ask for the pork ramen, the shop’s older sister curses me,”
iccho! “Chicken beef can’t even sing a bowl of laughing beef.” Maijitsu reported that various opinions have been raised, including sympathy and alternatives.

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“Nikorun” Nicole Fujita, Imechen fan with bangs “Young!”

Nicole Fujita, also known as “Nikorun”, a talent and model, updated her official Twitter account. She reports that she cut her bangs.

Nicole’s “shock” beautiful skin revealed! Slick and too smooth!

Mr. Fujita cut her bangs down to the bottom of her eyebrows and changed her image. I added a comment about the impression after I got my haircut, saying “I’m young”. Fans commented, “I’m younger than when I debuted!”, “The strongest and cutest”, “How can I make my bangs this beautiful?”, “I like short bangs”. Also, Mr. Fujita commented, “The number of people praising my skin for being clean has increased recently.” The close-up of the face is also introduced in the photo, and there are voices saying “skin is beautiful”, “skin is very smooth” and “shiny”.

Nicole Fujita Single mom bought a 200 million yen mansion!

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A three-story house in one of Tokyo’s most luxurious residential areas. The talented Nicole Fujita’s (24) “new parents house” had a stylish look as if the character of the person who built it was mirrored.

“I took a quick glance at some of the big announcements in my life. I don’t know what’s going to happen next year, so I better buy it for my family whenever possible…” Russian and Polish stepfathers and Japan Nicole was born to a human mother. She was born in New Zealand, but her parents divorced and she decided to live in Japan. Girls’ Generation weren’t financially lucky. In an interview, he said: 《After my brother was born, my (second) father had an affair and disappeared, and then my life became dangerous. Living in a cheap 3-person flat in Saitama. Mom worked not only for work during the day, but also for snacks at night, and she was never at home ”(“ Weekly SPA! ”August 9, 2016 issue) It is said that she lived to be 9-12 years old. an accident property.

“It seems that a single woman died in the bathroom without a family life. Nicole also said in an interview that she saw the ghost of a woman.” (Entertainment official) “One day, while I was washing my face in the bathroom, when I lifted my face, something flapped behind the mirror. I couldn’t see well for a moment, but it was a shadow like a woman. When I applied to my mother seriously because I was so scared, I was told, “Let’s clean up!” and a person I knew like a psychic. (“Mu”, May 2018 issue) Nicole has been steadily expanding her place in the entertainment world with the support of her mother for 12 years. She described it as her “last filial piety” and built a property with a total area of ​​one hundred square meters on 20 tsubo plots.

” In a quiet residential area, many people have lived for years and there is little opportunity to vacate a certain amount of land. (Fujita’s detached house) owns 130 million yen of land and 70 million yen of buildings. I think it will be roughly the same. “(Neighborhood real estate agent) A 24-year-old house of 200 million yen! The aforementioned entertainer explains her income. “Models and talents Besides her activities, she also produces apparel brands and cosmetics brands. It has 760,000 YouTube subscribers and annual revenue is around 90 to 100 million yen. Despite her popularity, Nicole seems to be calmly analyzing herself. “It may be the peak right now,” he said on a radio show.

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