Nicole Desmond reveals why she’s selling her nude photos

Nicole Desmond was known as a user selling nude photos on Onlyfans. However, the woman surprised everyone by explaining why she produced nude content.

The aim of the woman, who earned money by selling her nude photos, managed to make everyone emotional. Nicole Desmond, 34, from California, earns nearly $100,000 every month by posting racy photos on OnlyFans. She uses her earnings to treat her mother’s cancer.

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Nicole Desmond, who has been working as a secretary at the hospital for a long time, pays for her mother’s cancer treatment thanks to her earnings on the obscene site.

Desmond, who has 326 thousand followers on Instagram, said that her life completely changed when she met the subscription site. Desmond, who stated that she joined OnlyFans to provide a better life for her children, later started to help her mother.

About 2 months after Desmond joined OnlyFans, her mother, Patty, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her liver and lungs. Diagnosed in October 2019 and spending most of 2020 undergoing treatment alone for the pandemic, Patty has now moved in with her daughter and grandchildren aged 16 and nine.

Nicole desmond reveals why shes selling her nude photos 1 gmspors

Stating that he created an account of her own after seeing the news about OnlyFans, Desmond also stated that her followers were aware of her mother’s health problem. In her account, she sometimes talks about cancer and its treatment so that people can raise awareness. Desmond stated that the returns of this awareness work were good and said, “My fans know about my mother. They always ask me about her health status.”

After Nicole Desmond’s announcement, her followers announced that they would support her more. The content of the female user, who was going through a particularly difficult period, suddenly started to receive more requests.

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