Neymar and Carol Dantas’ children Davi Lucca da Silva Santos

Neymar and carol dantas children davi lucca da silva santos 2 gmspors

Davi Lucca da Silva Santos, the children of Neymar and Carol Dantas, is now 11 years old. People started asking when Neymar got married and if he had a child. Actually, the answer is very simple, it is true that Neymar has a child and it is a boy, but Neymar has never been married.

On August 24, 2011, Neymar’s ex, Carolina Nogueira Dantas, brought forth their child Davi Lucca da Silva Santos in Sao Paulo. They split care equitably so Davi invests half of his energy with his mom and a half with his dad who wished his child a cheerful birthday on his IG story daily in the wake of losing the Bosses Association last.

Neymar had a child while he was with his ex. The famous football player, who could not accept the situation at first, then started to fulfill his father’s duty to his son. It is known that Brazilian Neymar, one of the most talented and famous football players in the world, is currently single and is far from making girlfriends.

Who is Carolina Dantas?

Carolina Dantas (conceived October 21, 1993) is a Brazilian online entertainment sensation and sportsperson previous accomplice from Santos, São Paulo. She initially earned spotlight in the wake of emerging as an admirer of Neymar. She moved on from Colegio Adventista de Santos in 2011. She met Neymar when he was 18 and she was 16 yet didn’t illuminate her family about their relationship due to the trepidation they wouldn’t endorse it.

Carol Dantas is the mother of Davi Lucca da Silva Santos. It is known that she had a relationship with Neymar in her youth. While she was living a rich life thanks to her ex-boyfriend, she also became a social media celebrity. After all, her ex-boyfriend is a world famous football player.

Neymar and carol dantas children davi lucca da silva santos 1 gmspors

After separate, the couple consented to part guardianship of their child Albeit, because of Neymar’s bustling timetable as a footballer whether preparing or match legitimate, Carolina invests more energy with Davi yet Neymar also gets his reasonable portion of time with him. On a few events, Davi has dozed over at his dad’s place.

Neymar loves to spend time with his son

Neymar, who could not act like a father in the first years, matured over time and took care of his child. It is known that Neymar, who has always been on the agenda with his private life and has been criticized for his love of models, is now his first priorities are his career and his son.

Neymar and carol dantas children davi lucca da silva santos 2 gmspors

Like Knedi, his son is also interested in football.

Neymar is already making sure his son gets the best schools and the best education in football.

Of course, his son is not as talented as him, but Neymar states that the most valuable asset in his private life is his family and he wants to leave a good future for his child.

She often gets support from his fans by sharing photos of him with her on Instagram.

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