New development in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal! Princess Diana

Major scandal in the Jeffrey Epstein case

A shocking development emerged regarding the perverted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein scandal. After Epstein’s prostitution network was exposed, Epstein was arrested and sent to prison and later committed suicide there. It turned out that Princess Diana’s maiden went to her private island, where the perverse billionaire Epstein allegedly exploited little girls. Clemmie Hambro, who was the little bridesmaid at Princess Diana’s wedding with Prince Charles, described those moments like this.

It turned out that Clemmie Hambro, who was the tiny bridesmaid at Princess Diana’s wedding with Prince Charles, was taken to the private island of the pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was said to have committed suicide while in prison, allegedly abusing the little girls. Hambro, who went to the island on a private jet, said “I was very young, naive and lucky enough to escape.”

It turned out that one of the bridesmaids at Princess Diana’s wedding was among the girls who were taken to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. It was learned that Clemmie Hambro twice went to his private property by private jet, which was described as the island where the pedophile billionaire abused young girls.

Hambro, the granddaughter of Winston Churchill, said in court testimony that he was “appalled” by the revelations of Epstein’s behavior and “broken hearts for the victims”.



Hambro, 44, now married and a mother of four, said he did not experience any harassment or witnessed any harassment, and expressed hope that those who were raped and abused “will get the justice they deserve”.

The court files revealed that Hambro flew to Epstein’s island in a Gulfstream jet after visits to the pedophile billionaire’s farm in New Mexico and Little St James.


According to the Daily Mail, Hambro was 23 when he went to Epstein’s island in 1999 and was working at Christie’s auction house in New York.

According to Hambro’s testimony, one of the visits was a “business trip” to help Epstein decide what painting he wanted to buy for his farm, and the other was a “personal invitation” to Little St James.

Former Wall Street financing Jeffrey Epstein

Acquired by the former Wall Street financing Epstein for close to £ 5 million, the island is at the center of the abuse allegations of the billionaire who killed himself in prison a year ago.

According to the testimonies of women who alleged harassment and harassment, Epstein was taking her victims around the world by private jet.


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