Nelly Kent doesn’t use Instagram, So why?

Nelly Kent, one of the important female actors in the adult film industry and known for her popularity in social lemdya, wonders why she doesn’t use Instagram.

She continues to make frequent posts on Twitter and to produce content on platforms such as Onlyfans. Nelly Kent is motivated by being on a platform where she feels more free. She became a major figure in the adult film industry and increased her fan base.

Why is Nelly Kent off Instagram?

Nelly Kent previously had an official account of her own on Instagram.

However, she left Instagram because Instagram restricted her shares and could not find the popularity she wanted.

She posts more freely on Twitter, and fans are happy to be able to share previews of their very special content.

The 25-year-old actress has not yet discovered the power of social media as her career is on the rise. Although she’s only on twitter and reddit, we think she should consider having an active profile on Instagram.

She managed to increase her fame in the sector with the movie Silicon Valley.

For now, she spares time for her individual shots and manages to increase her monthly income day by day.

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