NBC reporter’s use of condoms for rain surprises viewers

NBC reporter’s protection of condoms for rain surprised everyone. The method used by the NBC reporter to protect the microphone in the United States, which was under the influence of heavy rain, became the agenda in social media.

The reporter, who wanted to convey the devastating effect of the hurricane in the USA, put a condom on the microphone he wanted to protect from the rain. The reporter’s frenzy was received positively by the audience.

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Hurricane Ian, which brought life to a standstill in the USA, caused great panic in the region. It was reported that the hurricane will move towards Florida in the country that was destroyed by the hurricane that took everything away. The interesting measure taken by a reporter who gave information about the difficult conditions and the weather conditions surprised those who saw it.

Kyla Galer, who works as a reporter for the TV channel NBC, has been on the agenda of social media with her act after the live broadcast where she presented the details of Hurricane Ian, which caused heavy floods and destruction in Florida.

Kyla presented the live broadcast by attaching a condom to the microphone to protect her equipment by preventing the microphone from getting wet. Not wanting to be misunderstood by the audience, the young reporter clarified the situation. “Yes, that’s what you think, so it’s a condom. We can’t get these microphones wet, so we have to do whatever it takes,” Kyla said.

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Although most people expressed that they were very surprised by the situation of sharing the images, many did not find the reporter’s action very wrong.

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