Natti Natasha joins María Becerra on ‘Lokita’ and Don Omar launches ‘Let’s Get Crazy’

Amid the Billboard Latin Music celebrations, in addition to Don Omar, Natti Natasha and Maria Becerra took the opportunity to separately release new material.

Dominican singer Natti Natasha is ready to surprise her fans once again with a new anthem, combining her voice with that of Argentine artist María Becerra. Produced by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz, “Lokita” is launching this Friday by the artist.

Performed by two of the most prominent representatives of the urban genre today, the song “Lokita” contains some suggestive lyrics, but under an infectious rhythm that invites you to dance and female sensuality.

In the multicolored effects video, Natti Natasha shows off her usual seductive style, while Maria Becerra represents the power of a new generation of women in Argentina who interpret urban issues.

Natti Natasha and Maria Becerra join forces to sing “Lokita”

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Natti Natasha said, “Working with Maria was so special, it’s a song we really enjoyed writing and recording together. I’m sure people will dance and have fun.” said.

Lokita also has a video clip shot in the city of Buenos Aires under the direction of Venezuelan Nuno Gomes. The audio-visual production was recorded at the historic Casa de la Cultura, where both artists take the audience on a journey through 4 different colored sets. Natti Natasha and María Becerra use two scenarios to express their desire for the person who makes them Lokita in a sensual and thought-provoking way.

Between the visual effects and the appearance of representative dancers from various Latin cultures and countries, the singers express their feelings uncensored and in their own way. Between the sensual looks and the dance, they show that the female movement in Latin music is more alive than ever.

With both the song and the video clip, we are sure that they will make a real hit that no one can forget. We only have to wait a few hours to learn about the wonderful collaboration between María Becerra and Natti Natasha.

Maria Becerra on tour in Spain

Another piece of news that has driven all Argentina fans crazy is their tour of Spain with LOS40 Urban as their official radio station. The Animal Tour begins in Barcelona on September 29. The singer revealed that she counted the hours remaining to set foot in our country during her nine appointments: Barcelona, ​​Granada, Malaga, Sevilla, the cities that would become Madrid, Murcia, Valencia, Bilbao and A Coruña. Can enjoy María Becerra live.

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