Nam Tae Hyun and his girlfriend called by the police

Male singer and girlfriend Seo Min Jae are suspected of using drugs. Police launched an investigation against both.
On September 28, Newsis reported that the Seoul Yongsan Police Department called Nam Tae Hyun and his girlfriend Seo Min Jae for allegedly using methamphetamine. In both cases, urine and hair samples were taken for testing.

According to Newsis, Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae were present at the police station as per the call. After completing the procedure, they are allowed to return home. Authorities said they will continue to call Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae to investigate after the examination results are released.

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On August 20, Seo Min Jae accused Nam Tae Hyun of using violence and using philopon (methamphetamine). Seo Min Jae shared, “Nam Tae Hyun steals methamphetamine. The evidence is still in my bedroom and office locker. He also attacked me.” He wrote it, but later deleted it.

Two days later, Seo Min Jae published a new article. He claimed that Nam Tae Hyun lied about using banned substances. However, some accounts complained to the National Police Service National Investigation Center about Nam Tae Hyun.

Regarding Nam Tae Hyun, he only talked about attacking his girlfriend and kept quiet about the drug use accusation. The male singer said, “I’m sorry I surprised and disappointed a lot of people with what happened. It’s true that we had an argument during our dating but we made up. I sincerely apologize for making everyone worry about this. Personal issues.”

Nam Tae Hyun was born in 1994, debuted in 2014 as a member of boy group Winner. He left Winner in 2016 and joined the group South Club. Seo Min Jae became famous by participating in the 3rd season of “Heart Signal”, which aired on Channel A in 2020.

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