Myrla Feria admits she’s in love, reveals her and Johnny Lam’s relationship

Myrla Feria admits she’s in love and reveals about her relationship with Johnny Lam.

Myrla Feria has been bringing supporters curious to see what happens while she appreciates Europe with her kindred Married at First Sight Season 13 costars.

As of late, Myrla got some margin to respond to fans’ inquiries during a trip to her next objective.

Myrla gave some life refreshes about subjects her fans generally needed to be aware of, remembering representing her dating life and whether she and costar Johnny Lam’s relationship has stayed dispassionate.

Myrla Feira is back on the dating scene

Myrla Feria took to Instagram to address fans’ inquiries while she was in flight.

A fan needed to be familiar with Myrla’s affection life and inquired, “Would you say you are as of now seeing someone?”

Myrla spilled some tea in her response and shared, “No however I’m dating and I have a pulverize.”

The MAFS star likewise added, “Doesn’t occur frequently lmao.”

With Myrla conceding she’s dating and has a squash, fans got some information about the idea of her relationship with Married at First Sight Season 13 costar, Johnny Lam.

Myrla and Johnny shaped areas of strength for a subsequent to showing up on MAFS. They frequently get to know one another, remembering for their new excursion to Europe with costars Rachel Gordillo and Brett Layton.

Johnny and Myrla have likewise prodded caring deeply about each other previously however consistently played bashful to leave the situation with their relationship apparently unconditional.

During Myrla’s AMA, a fan inquired, “Are you and Johnny a thing?”

Myrla answered, “I get the inquiry multiple times… ” with a giggling emoticon.

Myrla then evidently expressed, “So no, we are dearest companions… you all need to give it a rest.”

Alongside her response, Myrla shared a photograph of Johnny resting with a sea behind him, and she composed close to the picture, “Yet I will sneak this rest pic of [Johnny Lam].”

Myrla Feria shares why she cherishes costars Rachel Gordillo and Brett Layton

One of Myrla’s supporters inquired, “What makes you love Rachel and Brett to such an extent?”

Myrla answered by offering selfies to Brett and Rachel and replied, “They’re simply lovely spirits.”

Myrla was additionally inquired, “In the event that you needed to rehash MAFS could you?”

While Myra’s marriage with Gil didn’t sort out eventually, Myrla seems not to have bad sentiments towards the MAFS cycle as she answered, “I sure would! Couldn’t sort out some way to add my giphy haha. No second thoughts.”

Indeed, even after her time of MAFS has wrapped, fans are as yet inquisitive about Myrla, and she appreciates keeping her adherents refreshed through Q&As.

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