Muriel Villera posed nude on a stroll

Social media phenomenon Muriel Villera managed to make a name for herself once again with her brave sharing on her Instagram account. The beautiful model, who has about 131 thousand followers, went across the landscape at the end of a shooting day and shared a completely nude pose. Villera’s sharing soon attracted the attention of social media users.

She crossed the scene, posing completely nude, and fans commented on this photo of her as “her boobs are showing”.

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The beautiful Colombian model Muriel Villera continues to make a name for herself thanks to her bold posts on social media. The beloved name pushed the boundaries of social media with the pose she shared completely naked after a fashion shoot. Villera’s post managed to get thousands of likes and comments in a short time.

Villera, who mentioned that the set day was a good time in her social media post, added the note “I got undressed after a good set day”.

While Villera’s share reached 15 thousand likes in a short time, users flocked to the comment section. Social media users praised the beauty of the phenomenon name in the comments.

Muriel villera posed nude on a stroll 2 gmspors

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