Mo’Nique sparks a new controversy with a photo of a woman waiting at the airport

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique sparked a new discussion on bonnets and prestige with her latest Instagram post on Sunday.


MoNique sparks a new controversy with a photo of a woman waiting at the airport

Comedienne and entertainer, Mo’Nique, started another online discussion about hoods and decency on Sunday.

The Oscar-winning performer, who took to online media before last month to say something regarding the propriety of hats and night robe in broad daylight, posted a photograph of a Black lady in clothing that seemed as though she was at home versus an air terminal.

Aunt Mo’ inscribed the Instagram picture with a directive for her “infants.”

Adherents with changing suppositions tolled in.

Client Nicki Allure recommended that people don’t have the foggiest idea what’s happening in the existences of others, saying, “We don’t have a clue about her story. Also she’s disapproving of her professional 🤷🏽‍♀️ what’s so difficult about individuals are entitled.”

Hey BEAUTIFUL QUEENS. 🥰 NO SHAMING. If this is the BEST YOU CAN DO NO JUDGMENT DO YOU. This was sent to me as an example of what we’re talking about that goes on in our community. However if this is not your BEST, than do BETTER! Being that ultimately the decision either way is yours. I LOVE US 4REAL❤️

Someone else concurred.

“You are dead off-base for posting a pic requesting public investigation. One thing she is doing that we as a whole ought to do is disapproving of our business. She didn’t approve this pic,” somebody composed on the post.

Someone else recommended Mo’Nique ought to have had effortlessness in light of the fact that Patti Labelle showed something very similar for her.

“You in a real sense made a space for Black people to pass judgment on this lady, we don’t have the foggiest idea about her situation. We ought to standardize disapproving of our business. Cause Patti LaBelle didn’t do this to you when she pulled you aside.”

One adherent referred to the moderateness of movement and looking nice.

“Precisely!! Like I said before in the event that you have cash to travel you ought to have cash to look fitting NO EXCUSES!!”