Monique Agostino asks people to help her escape from the police

Famous Instagram model Monique Agostino, who violates the parole rules, runs away from the police to avoid arrest.Australian Instagram model Monique Agostino was released on parole after six months in prison for theft. The famous model, who violates the conditions of release, escapes from the police in order not to enter the prison again. Authorities asked local residents to help catch the fugitive model.

Famous Australian Instagram model Monique Agostino received a 24-month sentence last year for theft and possession of a knife. The 25-year-old famous model was released on parole after serving a six-month prison sentence in October 2020. Ignoring the eviction rules, Agostino realized that he was going to go back to prison and found the solution to escape from the police.

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Police teams issued an arrest warrant for 25-year-old Monique Agostino for violating the parole rules. Police conducting the search for the famous model, requested help from the local people to find the criminal model.

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